The Free of Sugar Nutrition

is based on the presumed ancient diet of the Stone Age. Over a period of around 2.5 million years the human species habitually consumed wild plants and animals. With the advent of agriculture and the beginning of animal domestication roughly 10,000 years ago, humans started consuming large amounts of dairy products, beans, grains and salt. In the last 30 years mechanized food processing and intensive livestock farming have changed our Western diet even more dramatically.



Metabolism hasn't adapted to fast food diet Squeezing our evolution into 5 days (7200 minutes) means that we started eating grains etc in the last 90 minutes and our present diet in the last 16.2 seconds. Our body and metabolism with its bio-chemical-hormonal processes is still functioning as on day 1. It has not adapted to our new way of eating, rather it becomes disturbed by the high amount of carbohydrates, not enough proteins, artificial trans fats and lack of nutrient-dense food. There is a direct connection between a disturbed metabolism (especially high insulin levels) and different illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, bowel disorder, obesity, cancer, acne, allergies etc etc etc.

Low carb diets There have been different approaches to return to a nutrition with low carbohydrates. These are for example the South Beach Diet, The Atkins Diet, Healthy & Active, Metabolic Balance, Go Lower, the Ketogenic (Keto) Diet, Paelo Diet, Bulletproof Diet... All of these work to a specific point, but none of them is as consequent and beneficial as the free of sugar nutrition.

Gluten free Compared to a Gluten free nutrition Free of Sugar goes a step further by eliminating also wheat substitutes with >5% carbohydrates.


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