How to start

Two preparation days

Make two preparation days to ease the transition to your new way of eating. Two days off from work or social obligations, such as the weekend, are ideal.

On these two days, eat just veggies (raw, steamed, cooked, etc.). On day one, perform a colonic cleaning using Epsom salt or colonic hydrotherapy.

On day three, begin your new nutrition, which includes carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as indicated.

A tip for women

On the days before menstruation some women feel special cravings. If you know from experience that this is the case for you, please avoid starting the new nutrition on those days.


Any fresh venture requires energy to function. The initial weeks/months require careful planning and organisation to ensure that the dietary transition is as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. Make a weekly meal plan and a shopping list to go with it. Go grocery shopping once a week so that you have everything you need for the next seven days and can start making your meals right away without wasting time deciding what to eat and where to buy the ingredients.

Why not look for a local veggie box program that delivers fresh organic vegetables to your door? When compared to their organic counterparts in supermarkets, these are frequently relatively affordable.

Nutrition x Emotions

Changing your nutrition is exactly like changing any other long-held habit: it will be tough. Many questions arise regarding the food itself, uncertainties occur, and motivation eventually fades.

The most difficult challenge is becoming more conscious of your own emotions. Why is this the case? Sugar acts as a lid on your emotions; when you remove the lid, all of your previously suppressed emotions want to flow freely and live.

People frequently do not know or have no experience with dealing with and integrating these feelings into their lives, and as a result, they discontinue the nutritional change. Working with a coach is strongly advised for a successful dietary shift.

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