How to start

bunch-of-violet-turnips-kohlrabiTwo Preparation Days
Have two preparation days to make the nutritional change a bit easier. Ideal are two days without any work or social commitments, for example the weekend. Eat only vegetables (raw, steamed, cooked etc.) on these two days. On day one do a colonic cleaning either with Epsom salt or colonic hydrotherapy. On day three start with your new nutrition containing carbohydrates, proteins and fats as described.

A tip for women: On the days before menstruation some women feel special cravings. If you know  from experience that this is the case for you, please avoid starting the new nutrition on those days.

Any new project needs an energy input to make it work. The first weeks/months need good preparation and organisation to make the nutritional change as smooth and easy as possible. Take time to create a weekly meal plan and a shopping list based on it. Go shopping once a week so that all food items needed for the next seven days are available at home, and you can start preparing your meals right away without wasting time contemplating what to eat and where to get the ingredients.

Why not find a local vegetable box scheme which delivers fresh organic vegetables to your doorstep. The cost of these is usually quite reasonable when compared with their organic equivalents in the supermarkets.

What’s next
Changing your nutrition is no different to changing every other long established habit  – it will be a challenge. Lots of questions arise about the food itself, uncertainties come up and the motivation melts at some point. But the biggest challenge is that you become more aware of your own feelings. Why is that? Sugar is like a lid on your emotions – if you remove the lid, all the emotions previously not expressed want to flow freely and live. Often people don’t know or don’t have the experience of how to deal with and integrate these feelings into their life, and consequently stop the nutritional change. To undertake the nutritional change successfully it is highly recommended to work together with a coach even if it is just a weekly 10 minutes talk on Skype. Petra Gericke is trained and experienced in both, the nutrition side and therapy work. Find Petra’s contact details here.