What defines as sugar?

First of all your definition of what is sugar needs to expand. Sugar is more than just white crystals. It is bread, pasta, beans, rice, cereals, waffles, cakes, starchy vegetables like potatoes, parsnips, the list goes on…

Why do we love eating all these products

and, as intelligent people don’t just stop and switch to a healthy nutrient rich diet? Why do we apparently prefer to take on excess weight and put up with chronic diseases? Why do we try all these main stream diets (there is a new one on the market every day) and still don’t get anywhere with our health and weight ambitions? Ask a smoker; ask a junkie, they’ll give you the answer:

it is an addiction


Sugar is a natural opium, it induces an endorphin rush soothing us when faced with chronic stress, social/family/work related problems, old traumas or new dramas. Like every other drug sugar becomes habitual meaning we need more and more over time and can’t stop the consumption. The processed food companies know about this and engineer their products accordingly. An addicted customer is a customer for life. Everybody knows today that the tobacco industry uses nicotine to hook their consumers, only few know that the food industry uses MSG to do the same.

The Gen’s

Whenever there is food available we are genetically programmed to eat it and store the fat for the next winter. But the winter doesn’t come anymore. We have a feast 365 days a year and no famine.

Overfed & Starving

We eat too much, but on the cellular basis we are starving to death. The food we eat doesn’t have enough nutrients but lots of calories, so called empty calories. The body’s cells stay hungry and send out “Hunger” signals to get the specific nutrients.

Food Industry

Processed food is made for long shelf life and profit, it is not made for our health. 80% of processed food contains MSG (Monosodium glutamate) and free glutamates (hidden behind 50 different names) to enhance the flavour. MSG excites the part of the brain that is in charge of the fat storage programmes: MSG activates the programme and the body gets fatter. MSG also stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin. Due to its hormonal interactions a high insulin level makes it impossible to lose excess weight. Scientific laboratory researchers inject animals with MSG to induce obesity!


Two big marketing lies dominate our media: fat free products and wrong labelling. Fat free normally means that the product is loaded with sugar. A bag of sugar is 100% fat free, factually true but unbelievably misleading as the body is metabolising the sugar into fat. Labels such as “healthy” on a cereal box or a yoghurt with the highest proportion of fruit on the packaging or “pro-active” on a margarine tub are used to brainwash us and not questioning the health impact of the ingredients.


Killer fats are typically found in processed foods, e.g. margarine, shortenings and heated oils. Low fat diets deprive the body of substances necessary for a balanced metabolism and healthy bodily functions.


There are two ways the body defends itself from chemicals contained in processed foods. One is to produce mucus to coat the chemicals and thus buffer the irritation. The other way is to retain or generate more fat and bond the chemicals to it. When exercising we burn the fat but the toxic chemicals stay. As long as we take in more toxins than we are eliminating, the body does not allow us to burn fat. The body can only detox itself when the appropriate natural food is provided.


My credits go to the makers of “Hungry for Change” who inspired me to write this article based on their movie.

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