petra gerickeMrs Petra Gericke, born 1965 in Germany, is a fully qualified, exceptional and dedicated therapist for Bodywork and Energy Streams Therapy, and a nutrition coach. Petra is known for her down to earth approach, humour and open heart. Petra’s ability to listen and give clear advise has helped lots of people around the globe. Petra and her family have practiced the free of sugar nutrition for many years and can talk from own experiences.

Details about Petra’s therapy work here:  Yogi Treatments

phone  +44 (0) 1672 514 845
mobile +44 (0) 7717 152 772


Practice in Marlborough and London (England). Support worldwide via skype and email.


Petra Gericke has trained at the:

Wagner Institute for New Medicine Frankfurt
Spiritual Healing Institut® Munich
Healthy & Active London
Metabolic Balance Germany


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